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i was thinking of putting this out under the shower cry moniker and maybe i should've

this ep talks about the act of missing people and listening to poetry of people who seem to have gone missing; phones that have fallen into obsolescence and my falling into depression.

maybe thats too short of a description and makes me sound like a music magazine or something idrk.

oh and gender and sexuality are things i tried to deal with on this thing, but thats p normal tbh.

thanks to andrew for the cover art, ik this isnt vapourwave but i am a whore for the aesthetic.


released March 17, 2017



all rights reserved


aol.ghost Cleveland, Ohio

freaky deaky

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Track Name: oh monica
how long has it been
since you showed yr face to him

how long will it be
till you show yr face to me

i know its hard
when yr living in the past

i know its hard
when yr life is slipping away too fast

dont sleep alone
pick up yr ten yr old cell phone

call me back
i miss you+i cant relax

dont sleep alone
pick up yr ten yr old cell phone
Track Name: how many songs do i have about missing you?
its been too long i miss you
i miss the way you kissed oo
my nose and said it was alright
when i cried

its been too long i miss you
and now yr due for kids soon
i miss the way you kissed oo
and left my house

you drove away in yr moms van
i know its late
to want you back
last time we met was mid november
its been too long i cant remember
the way you felt against my skin
but now yr gone and youve got him
Track Name: solipsïsme
im drunk when i call every weekend
when you dont pick up

please refrain
from letting noxious fumes fill yr brain and yr lungs

throw me in the dumpster
and throw that worthless shit on fire

for a selfish girl
yr magnanimous with your ire

wont you take some responsibility
for what you did for once

yr just a solipsist
take hold of what youve done

yr so perfect
you created

you fkd me up
Track Name: for once
this beer tastes like piss
but that means nothing
when yr drinking it alone
pick up yr phone and tell me
that yr okay

i dont know
what i want from you
or what i think
or if i care

pick up yr ten yr old cell phone
and say good luck
and say you hate me

and i cry every night
thats a motif i dont like
rip me apart at the seams
and tell me all the nasty things
you think and say
about me
how im dumb and how im weak
or how im just some faggot freak
whos got a dick and says he's "she"
i wish you could be so mean
but yr too kind for a girl like me

im in love with you still
i want to kill myself
send you a text to say im chill
and to worry about yrself
for once

take out yr ten yr old cell phone
and delete all the photos
that you took of me last year
ill choke myself while drinking beer